Video marketing for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is becoming more popular in the digital age and is one of the best Internet marketing strategies. The purpose video marketing for SEO is to increase visibility online, which results in more hits and clicks, and therefore driving potential and repeat customers to the website. Like any effective Internet marketing solution, it is based on research and there are several hints and tips to keep in mind when using video marketing for SEO: cross-promotion, keywords, make video marketing 2.0, sharing videos, and recycle videos.


The first tip concerns the where aspect of video marketing for SEO. Make the best bang of the buck by featuring the video in other places besides the company’s homepage. In other words, Link, link, link. And link to YouTube first. YouTube is a video marketer’s best friend. YouTube is to video SEO like Google is to print SEO.


An SEO article would not be complete (or appropriate) without mentioning keywords. However, use keywords with discretion, in order to complement rather than distract viewers. The current trend to satisfy s is to create meaningful content rather than distracting savvy consumers. The SEO article should serve two purposes: informing the consumer (content) and persuading the consumer (keywords).

Make Video Marketing 2.0

First of all, invest in the creation of the video as it is one of the most powerful Internet marketing tools. Make sure the video is engaging and informative, professional, and if possible, timeless. (There is nothing more distracting than viewing a video that was obviously made in the 1990s.) If the video is dull or outdated, viewers will become bored quickly and surf somewhere else. Also, make sure the video is not static; that is, not just referring to the clarity of the video screen, but more specifically to the interactive component. That is where the Web 2.0 comes in. Think like blogging, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Encourage viewers to ask questions, make comments, and offer feedback. The questions and comments from viewers provide the company an extra benefit: free data and information that can be used to improve the quality of the Video, or any other aspect the company.

Also, make sure to adjust the video in order to reach all of the viewers. There are viewers out there who have hearing or visual impairments, and accommodating them with the technology will engage rather than alienate an important demographic.

Sharing Videos

This is not the time to be exclusive; Share the video like gospel! Post the video on the company’s website. Post it to a blog on the company’s website. Ask a partner or investor to share it on their website. Share it on Twitter. Create a Face book page and encourage fans to like the page. There are so many options now to get the video out there.

Recycle Videos

Why reinvent the proverbial wheel? A video can be broken up and divided into segments and be reused and marketed again. It is more cost-effective to reuse a video (unless it is outdated) than to pay to produce a new video. A powerful and timeless video should be able to reach visitors for a long time.


Hopefully, understanding some of the hints and tricks will help when video marketing for SEO. Cross-promotion, keywords, make video marketing 2.0, sharing videos, and recycling videos are only a few of many ideas for promotion as part of your complete Internet marketing solution.

Video Marketing for SEO